Jason Lucas - President / Sr. Creative Director


I'm Jason Lucas.  I help businesses create smarter branding solutions.  I help make consumers feel good enough about a brand that they're willing to pick up the phone.


Though there are principles in advertising that apply to everyone, no two clients have quite the same needs.  Budgets vary greatly and dictate what approaches are going to work or not work.


I've been fortunate enough to know and be mentored by some of the most successful legends in the advertising industry.  I've co-produced for many fortune 500 companies, celebrities and hundreds of local businesses.  It's been an intense 25 years, that has given me a lot of exposure to world-class talent and projects.


Although I'm close with many greats from my past, I've collected this gourmet team of stellar people who are talented, kind, trustworthy, and understand what it takes to deliver final product - as promised.


Christopher Chilton - Producer / Creative Director


When I first started working with Chris, he was the lead singer and writer for a signed band I was producing.  Then I discovered that was his hobby.   He also has a film degree and years of experience writing, producing, and shooting for video and film.  Since then I've had him on every job.  I couldn't have developed this company without him.  His cross media experience help provide seamless transitions for our greatly varying projects.  So far, I've managed to keep him from moving to Hollywood.


Jay Condiotti - Music Producer / Writer


Jay and I go back to NYC in the 90's.  He caught the end of the fatted studio days with me there.  We've spent a lot of time in many studios.  He went on to Los Angeles and carved a deep niche as a music producer for TV and film.  From MTV to Target, to a list of celebrity clients, he has literally thousands of his tracks all over the airwaves.  Rumor has it, he accidentally discovered the Great Northwest, fell in love with micro-brews and... might have a built the best studio ever to exist around here; but that's just a rumor.  Jay does ensure that our music is just right and broadcast quality.

Tyler Cathey - Creative Director


Another slam dunk...  Tyler took his film degree and developed a handful of great projects that convinced me to call him.  He has an incredible understanding of what people need and how to write for them.  His knack for comedy has already given us direction that we would have never had without him.  From writing to shooting to acting to understanding client needs, we're always lucky to have Tyler on the project... when he's not charming ladies with the 007 tuxedo.


Allen Copeland - Media Placement / Publisher


I met Allen in Miami in the 90's when he was working with Desmond Child.  We've been working together since then.  He has become one of the top players in the booming licensing industry in Hollywood.  His resume is too long to list; but I did drop some names on the home page.  Every day he's plugging songs for TV and Film.  He's also celebrating the signing of his first TV show to the Sci-Fi network with 4 more shows pending.  He moves our material and needless to say, when I need stuff, he can usually get it.


Brandon Mills - Account Executive


Brandon has a way with people.  He creates new relationships and manages accounts to ensure that clients are happy with their product and are using it properly.  If you get a phone call from this guy, make sure and give him a hard time for a minute, just to make him squirm.  But let him off the hook, because he's really just a teddy bear underneath the cool sheen.