How valuable would it be to have people walk down the street humming your song.  It's very possible.  How about getting them to turn up the radio because it sounds like a hit song, or just because they love it.  This is what happens when you get a great piece of music.


Music is our strongest suit.

Most of our group has professional musical experience.  Three of us have over 20 years each of professional music experience.  We've written and produced so many aired pieces, it is difficult to explain; but we are all happy to share our thoughts, expertise and creativity with you.


Custom Music

- Jingles

- Post scores

- Mnemonics


Music Licensing

- We select or offer from over 4,000 tracks from our own library and another 250,000 from our partner in Hollywood.


- Licensing is usually cheaper and much faster than a custom music plan.



Artist Production

For those indie artists who are looking for direction, branding and recording advice or production, we would love to share our thoughts on how you might best pursue your careers.  We don't "sign" artists right now; but we do help them in different ways, including production for hire.




From an agency perspective:  It is convenient when you like the same music that your consumer likes; but who is more important in your advertising?  If a music person asks you what kind of music you want, they are probably the wrong person to hire.  If you're going to do a music-based campaign, you first need to have your agency evaluate what kind of music to create and why.


Often times we are able to pinpoint a style that fits both the demographic and the business owner.  Regardless, clients need to be proud of the production that we do for them.  After all, it's going to be a reflection of the quality they want to project to the marketplace.


From a musician's perspective: Ahhh, the "local" jingle... What is quality?  Aside from the most abused word in custom music, it is something that most ears can actually identify nowadays.  Yes, you can probably tell when you're hearing a "local" piece of music.  It has the certain sheen that we all know and laugh at or just mute as we walk out of the room.


There's a reason why so many commercials have cheap sounding music.  It's hard to learn how to make it sound good. How do you keep from hiring someone who will inadvertently make you a local sounding piece of music?  Listen to the producer's music first.


When you're ready to talk music, let us know the nature of your project and we will send you a custom care package of examples and links to appropriate music we have created.