Fly: Into The World Of Autism - The Miracle Project

Fly: Into The World Of Autism, is a full CD project to benefit Autism.  6 songs were produced by Jason Lucas.  The brainchild of Elaine Hall and Diane Sillan Isaacs, this project combined celebrity singers and actors in duets with musical children with autism.


"It is one of my greatest honors and achievements to have been asked to get this project off the ground.  While in Hollywood I was able to help Elaine and Diane and all the staff and children at The Miracle Project realize their dream in the studio environment.


The children I have worked with are angels.  They have such pure hearts it makes one re-evaluate their own.  For all the "imbalance," some of the most remarkable musical talent can be found in them.


They had just been featured on an HBO special for a live musical they had produced.  I was able to collaborate with them and write our way into a souped up recorded version of that project.  They were able to take our demos and get interest from a handful of wonderful celebrities, who wanted to be a part of it all.


We had all kinds of configurations, meetings, flights and phone calls.  From Chaka Khan recording in Jimmy Jam's studio in Hollywood, to recording Gina Incandella singing in her bedroom surrounded by stuffed animals, to Jason Alexander at Jay Condiotti's studio, to Rev Run wiring in his vocals from Brooklyn for a song arranged by my brother, Cristopher Lucas, at our ranch in Idaho, to me mixing and mastering the project in Nashville...  So many great people, from so many walks of life worked together to accomplish this miracle.


I'm thankful to have been able to do music with 6 of the people above and all the fabulous and talented children and people of The Miracle Project, while helping benefit autism."


Jason Lucas